is a place where we can find, share and develop resources for nonviolent resistance to unjust powers: resources shaped by faith and tested in community.


My name's Keith Hebden and I am the Seeking Justice adviser for Mansfield Deanery and the author of "Seeking Justice: The Radical Compassion of Jesus". This website is being developed to support those who want to find ways to build a new world in the shell of the old one in their neighbourhoods.


Our hope is that the content will continually be updated as members of the community, subscribers, and Justice Organisers, share their thoughts and ideas by emailing them to me.


Another world is possible.








Is it too late to Party Now the Election is Over?

  They Think It's All Over On election night in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire - a post-industrial, ex-mining town - nobody at the count looked happy. Labour one the parliamentary seat as usual but nearly lost control of the district council for the first time. The only conservative who showed up was the paper candidate who polled well but didn't expect to win. UKIP and our "Independent... Read More

Vote for What You Believe In

With just a few weeks to go before the General Election (7th May) the conversations are already getting a bit shrill and shouty but also a lot more interesting than usual. Today the Christian think tank, Ekklesia launch their invitation to Christians to "Vote for what you believe in". A radically un-cynical offer in a horribly cynical... Read More