is a place where we can find, share and develop resources for nonviolent resistance to unjust powers: resources shaped by faith and tested in community.


My name's Keith Hebden and I am the Seeking Justice adviser for Mansfield Deanery and the author of "Seeking Justice: The Radical Compassion of Jesus". This website is being developed to support those who want to find ways to build a new world in the shell of the old one in their neighbourhoods.


Our hope is that the content will continually be updated as members of the community, subscribers, and Justice Organisers, share their thoughts and ideas by emailing them to me.


Another world is possible.








The Wilderness Beneath Our Feet

Throughout Lent this year, as I've fasted for 40 days in solidarity with those who go hungry, I've been blessed by the prayers and good wishes of so many people and the particular companionship of a few. Among those have been my family; Simon Cross, and Scott Albrecht who've fasted with me; Christine Dutton who has sent me postcards and a prayer shawl and Ceri Leeder whose inspiring artwork has... Read More

We're all God's Family

Last year I introduced to our church council (PCC) the possibility of signing up to Inclusive Church. I've been a member since it was an open letter and now it's a broad coalition with a broad and inclusive message. I was delighted that there response to my suggest that they have a think, pray and talk about it for the next meeting was, "What's to... Read More