is a place where we can find, share and develop resources for nonviolent resistance to unjust powers: resources shaped by faith and tested in community.


My name's Keith Hebden and I am the Seeking Justice adviser for Mansfield Deanery and the author of "Seeking Justice: The Radical Compassion of Jesus". This website is being developed to support those who want to find ways to build a new world in the shell of the old one in their neighbourhoods.


Our hope is that the content will continually be updated as members of the community, subscribers, and Justice Organisers, share their thoughts and ideas by emailing them to me.


Another world is possible.








The Lost Sheep of Islamophobia

This week, in our many ways, we mourn for those who have been killed or maimed by terrorists in Paris. We do so vigilantly: drawing in those who felt marginalized by the cartoons but did not choose violence and defending the rights of the cartoonists to satirise without fear of harm. ‘I have sheep who are not of this fold,’ Jesus said. Jesus recognized that the boundaries between... Read More

"Dutiful" Activists breach RAF Waddington Again

In October 2013 myself and five other activists were put on trial for making a gateway for peace through the fence at RAF Waddington where drones are remotely piloted causing devastation to civilian communities and potentially causing gruesome injuries. Although the judge found them guilty he called them... Read More